Middle Grade Workshop


Middle Grade Workshop


The Middle Grade Fiction Workshop is designed to take the untamed gift of the childhood imagination and filter the good ideas from the great ideas and the great ideas from the ones that are ready to be written. Without losing any elasticity or richness in wild thought, by the end of this class 11-14 year old writers will begin to form more coherent story structures from their ideas, learn to develop their own writing habits and draw from traditional English Language rules and standards to create unique and extraordinary work. Also, we plan on having a super fun time. With music. And snacks.

Things needed for this workshop:
Writing Device of choice
Pen and paper (not everything we do will be on a machine)

Price includes 8-week session. No make-up days for absences.

At the conclusion of the 8-week session, students will give a reading of some of their work to friends and family in a public group setting.

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