Les Conteurs has already kick-started the writing careers of students both young and old.

Read below for some of their experiences.

"There is a narrow but deep chasm between thinking about writing and actually writing. Megan not only understands that this chasm must be crossed but practices the discipline of the leap every day. I have observed and experienced her great talent as she helps others beat barriers and face down fears to get across. On the other side, she welcomes you to the real work of writing, keeps you company in the adventure, and looks back with you to see the chasm is really a mere crack in the pavement." - Amy Dobelstein

"I have greatly enjoyed my experience in Megan's writing workshop. While I have been constantly blown away at her vast knowledge and impressed with her writing achievements, it's her teaching style that has made the biggest difference. She created an open & inviting atmosphere— an environment where all writers felt comfortable sharing their thoughts and words. This was the greatest tool she could possibly give to an inexperienced writer." 
- Christen Lewis

"Two things I have heard Megan Beam say more than I can count: "write about it" and "don't apologize". These thoughts have pulled things from my soul and through my pen that I didn't know were there, and made me confident in my words once they were on the page. Megan is able to see your meaning while critiquing your craft. She is a gifted writer herself, which makes her well-equipped to support others when bearing their souls in this highly personal and vulnerable creative process. I can't recommend Megan highly enough as someone to help you discover the writer that you are." - Elizabeth Shults

"Writing is so personal, and sharing it can be a frightening prospect. Megan's facilitation of my workshop was full of warmth, encouragement, and just the right amount of kicking my butt. Sitting under her teaching is a wonderful experience and one I can whole-heartedly recommend for any writer, at any age, and at any level." - Erin Moon