I am a writer.

If you are also a writer, you know just how intimidating that statement can be to both hear and say. But overcoming the things that I find intimidating is the work of my life. So, I'll just keep saying it. And I'll keep telling you to say it, too.

We are writers.
And long may we reign.

I've co-written two full length novels with the illustrious Erin Moon (the likes of which can be found here). I've written countless (no really, I genuinely don't know how many) short stories that have appeared various places. My academic work has been recognized from Montgomery to Yale. Point being: I'm no dummy. I love to learn. I love inspiring other people to love to learn. And I love when we can do it together.

My goal with Les Conteurs is to facilitate a space where our creativity is given our full and undivided attention. Where we can talk about our work and know that we will be encouraged before we will ever be judged or criticized. And though I am an advocate for excellence, I also possess the distinct and keen ability to know the difference between someone's excellence and someone's almost-excellence. Wherever you currently are, there is always an “ahead.”

I want to encourage a community of writers who learn to say what they mean the way that they mean it. And I want us to carve room in the world for both our wild stories and their keepers.

Vive Les Conteurs.

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